Louisiana is an incredible haunted state. From the gulf coast, to New Orleans, Alexandria, to Shreveport, there are stories of hauntings all over the state. Some are very well documented, while others feel like the rough draft of an urban legend.

Insert The Devil's Toy Box tale.

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The origins of The Devil's Toy Box are hard to trace. Many of the details seem to be fuzzy, as far as the timeline of specifics, but most of the accounts of the story remain the same during all retellings.

This story surrounds an old shack that sits on a farm in North Louisiana. The exact location remains unsettled, but that could be due to people not wanting others to find it. Whether that's to protect their safety, or because it's private property is unclear. This shack is apparently filled with mirrors from top to bottom. All the walls, the floor, the ceiling, every inch a mirror. This causes anyone who enters to become immediately unsettled, but there's a second layer to the legend: anyone who stays inside alone without light will be visited by the devil himself.

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Here are the details that everyone seems to agree on:

- It's a shack
- The location is somewhere in Northern Louisiana
- Inside the shack is nothing but mirrors
- People have had terrifying experiences inside

Here are the details that it seems NO ONE can agree on:

- The exact location of the shack
- Whether or not it was ever used as part of a haunted house attraction
- Someone once became mute after staying inside alone for less than 5 minutes
- A devil appears inside

Based on some of the things I've heard come out of particular corners of Louisiana, I don't doubt for a second that a shack fitting the description of The Devil's Toy Box exists in Louisiana. After some of the things I've seen and heard around Louisiana, I don't doubt some weird stuff would happen inside a structure that fits this description.

But what do you think...is North Louisiana actually home to The Devil's Toy Box? Or is it easier to sleep at night if you just say "no"...

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