“You can trust your car
To the man who wears the star…
The big, bright, Texaco Star!”

So went that famous TV jingle.

Texaco gas stations became famous not just for the jingle, but for the crew of about four attendants who would rush out to your car when you pulled in. One would fill your tank, another would wash your windows, another would check tire pressure, and another checked your oil…and whatever else was necessary. Texaco really, really pampered its customers!

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It began in 1902 as the Texas Fuel Company in Beaumont, Texas. In 1928, it became the first oil company to sell gas throughout the United States under a single name: “Texaco”.

In 1938, Texaco introduced its soon-to-be-famous ‘Sky Chief’ gasoline and in 1939 the company implemented a “registered restroom” program to make sure all their bathrooms were cleaned regularly for their customers.

By the 1930s and for the next couple of decades, Texaco was so popular that it became the sponsor for many TV and radio programs:
The Fire Chief starring Ed Wynn (1930s)
Metropolitan Opera Radio (1930s)
Texaco Star Theater with Fred Allen (1930s-40s)
Huntley-Brinkley Report (1950s)
Texaco Star Theater (The Milton Berle Show, 1950s)

This was a time when the sponsors ruled and could tell the various programs what they should do to promote their product. If the shows didn’t comply to their wishes, the sponsor would pull out and the show would lose all that commercial money – which kept them on the air.

Therefore, when you see one of those programs of the 50s that Texaco sponsored you’ll see the exaggerated influence sponsors had…commercials could go on for minutes and even the comedy routines would mention or show the sponsor products. It was blatant and continuously shoved down your throat - thankfully it isn’t as prevalent today.

In 1974, Texaco introduced lead-free fuel in all its nationwide stations.
In 1987, Texaco filed bankruptcy.

Through many legal ups and downs, Texaco still exists and has been owned by Chevron ever since 2001. A four-man Texaco crew will not run out to your vehicle anymore…but the company is still out there. The gallery below depicts a few old Texaco stations and memorabilia.....

Texaco Gas in Michigan

Scroll down and take a look at one of their old commercials!


Abandoned Gas Station on US-2, Upper Peninsula

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