Someone once asked me “who should we meet when we visit Michigan?”

At the time I had no answer…but it made me think. It would be too easy to say the governor, mayor, senator, or some political figure, but no…I’m not gonna go there.

Before you see the Top Ten list, here are some people you should meet, but you probably won’t even get the chance:






But here are the Top Ten People you more than likely WILL meet in Michigan:

10) State cop

9) People talking to themselves in a rest area bathroom

8) Person at drive-thru fast-food window accidentally dropping your food on the ground

7) Another driver yelling at you about your driving

6) Gas station attendant that will have to print out a receipt since the gas pump you used is out of paper

5) Check-in clerk at motel telling you your credit card doesn’t work

4) People yelling at you to wear a mask...even though the pandemic is over

3) Party store clerk telling you it’s called “pop” not “soda”

2) Restaurant waitperson losing patience because your partner can’t make up his/her mind what to eat

1) Person on street corner holding up sign asking for money

Don't believe me? Ask any long-time Michigander - then visit and find out for yourself.


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