You may want to drop that Cinnabon next time you're at the airport. There is talk that airlines might start having passengers step on the scale at their gate.

My husband and I just got back from a trip to warm and sunny weather, and on our flights were a few people who required seatbelt extenders for them to buckle up. This got us talking about weight, a person's weight and the weight of our bags, and how it could affect the safety of our flight.

When we arrived at the American Airlines counter for our flight home my bag was 2 pounds over the limit.  I had to take some of my stuff out and put it in David's suitcase.  This is where I have questions. If I took 2 pounds out of my suitcase and put it in another suitcase it is still the same amount of weight on the flight, right?

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According to the FAA, for safety reasons, airlines need to calculate the weight and balance of an airplane. Then there is the fact that Americans are getting fatter, so the way that weight and balance were figured out in the past does not work anymore.  One of those changes airlines might be implementing is weighing passengers at the gate.

Before I lost over 80 pounds, the thought of stepping on scales in the doctor's office was bad enough, but having to weigh in at the airport would have been horrifying. The FAA does say that if scales are at the gate the results should be hidden from other passengers to protect passenger privacy.

Another way that airlines can get around having passengers step on the scale is to ask them how much they weigh, then figuring out if they are lying or not.....seriously?  Because no one would ever lie about their weight, right?

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