If there's one thing I really enjoy, its going to my favorite movie theater to see a great movie.  If a  movie puts me on the edge of my seat, you know it's a great movie!

Speaking of movies, did you see the first "Taken" movie which stars Liam Neeson.  Taken was exactly one hour and 30 minutes of pure entertainment.  If you recall, Liam's daughter was taken and it was up to her dad to find her and save her from the bad guys.

In the second "Taken" movie, Liam's wife was taken by a group of people who wanted revenge based on the first movie.

Now, get ready for the third installment of "Taken!"  This time, Liam's wife ends up murdered and everyone thinks Liam is responsible.  Of course, that's not the case, so once again, Liam Neeson ends up the hero of the movie.

Taken opens nationwide in theaters on Friday.  Let's take a look at the movie trailer below!