My first thought when seeing this house is that I'd never use all fourteen bathrooms inside the mansion. Not that I'd be able to afford the said mansion in question. I'd probably choose one bathroom and make that the designated bathroom to use.

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Nobody wants to clean fourteen bathrooms, right?

Not only does the home have 14 bathrooms, but it also has 9 bedrooms in total for the home.

This Michigan mansion is currently listed on the market for $4,900,000. If you've got that pretty penny, you might be able to use all 14 bathrooms in the home. Just hire a made while you're at it...

Take A Look Into This Grand Michigan Mansion With 14 Bathrooms

We all love a good look around Zillow, right? What about taking a look inside of a Michigan home with nearly 14 bathrooms. We found one in this luxurious mansion. Take a look.

The home has a lot of beauty to it, and did you see the elevator? At that point, just make it a very high-class apartment complex.

These Three Michigan Homes Have Heated Driveways

On a cold, wintery day wouldn't it be nice to be able to flip a switch and have all that snow and ice melt off your driveway? No shoveling, no wrestling with the snowblower - just a little bump in your electric bill, and all that white stuff is gone.

We found three homes for sale here in Michigan that feature heated driveways.

And one of them (which is located in Kalamazoo) is listed for under a half million dollars.

#1 is in Holland. It's a 5,000 square foot beauty that lists for $3.5 million.
#2 is in Grand Haven. This five-bedroom home is on the market for $2.7 million.
#3 is in Kalamazoo. This is the most affordable of the bunch listing for just $499,000.

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