Right about now, you've been sheltered in place for a while. You and the kids getting a little stir crazy? Maybe even on each other's nerves? You're longing for warm weather and to be able to get outside? Fresh air and back to some form of normal activity? You wanna go anywhere but to the other side of the house right?

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As the country and the state work all that out, and as you run out of stuff to watch on you devices and apps, might we suggest a virtual tour of some of your favorite local places to tide you over?

Our friends at Greater Lansing CVB have been hard at work compiling a list of Greater Lansing's Virtual Vacation destinations.

Dreaming of a summer weekend getaway? We are too! So while we all have some extra time on our hands, we've compiled a list of Greater Lansing attractions offering virtual tours, activities, classes, videos, Facebook live events and more. All designed to inspire your virtual vacation dreams. (Lansing.org)

A shortlist includes:

Virtual Tours

Find virtual tours to entertain the family during the "stay at home order" For a list with virtual tours of even more of Greater Lansing's greatest spots and attractions, visit Able Eyes and take a look! (Lansing.org)

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