Saturday evening, October 8, 2016, this object appeared off the coast of Marquette on the horizon of Lake Superior. The videographer cannot decipher what it is...some feel it very well be a ghost ship scouting the waters of Superior.

Screenshot courtesy of Jason Asselin, youtube

Skeptics who have watched this video say it's a mirage, a ship, a lighthouse, a tower, a waterspout, an oil rig, sailboat.....or maybe even Jesus walking on the water.

The object is too huge to be a ship or lighthouse.....the videographer zoomed in extra close to get a better view. Normal photography would only show a dot on the water, that's how far away it is.

So whaddaya think?

Screenshot courtesy of Jason Asselin, youtube

Watch the video and weigh in your thoughts. But before you give an opinion, study the shape carefully. It's difficult to say exactly what it could be...but it would be easy to say it's something supernatural.

Take a look!