This almost sounds like a scary movie coming to a theater you.  If that were the case, most likely I would pay money to go see it.

This is actually called the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse, and it won't happen again until 2021.  It's a supermoon.  It occurs when the moon is closer to the earth as it rotates around.  The moon appears bigger and brighter.

According to WILX-News 10, Your News and Weather Authority, it's a lunar eclipse, referred to as a blood moon.

This happens when the earth's shadow is cast upon the moon.  It happens when the moon passes into what's called the penumbra and then the umbra.  When this happens, the moon takes on a red hue, which is why it's referred to as a blood moon.

You can see it this weekend, Jan. 20-21.   What's the best time to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon?   Please click on the above link for the information.


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