In Emmet County lies the unincorporated community of Stutsmanville, in Friendship Township.

The former lumber village was named after the three Stutsman brothers who built and operated a sawmill at Stutsmanville Corner, currently the intersection of S. State & W. Stutsmanville Rds.

The Stutsman sawmill operated from 1897 to 1905, and another, the Carey Hoop Company mill, was ½ mile north of Stutsmanville and opened in 1902. A third mill operated from 1908-1910 by the Creveling Handle Company, two miles northwest of the village.

Less than a mile south of the Stutsmanvile intersection is the Stutsmanville Bog Nature preserve, chock-full of creatures and plants, including the bug-eating pitcher plant and sundew!

History is scant on Stutsmanville, and they refer to themselves as 'historic' but info is rare and hard to find. It's still worth a drive-thru on your Michigan roadtrip, to get a shot of what was once the downtown, as well as the old school and church!

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