Mystery solved. The cabin stolen from Cold Springs Township last month has been found.

According to news reports, Michigan State Police troopers found the missing cabin about 20 minutes away in Kalkaska County. Troopers found the 12'x 28' cabin in Orange Township after they received several tips from residents.

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It was hard to believe that someone could actually steal a full cabin, but that's exactly what happened. Michigan State Police at the Houghton Lake post were equally puzzled when they received the report that the cabin had gone missing. It was believed that someone had swiped the cozy house sometime between November 18 and December 16 according to the owners.

According to reports, Troopers believe there are two suspects involved in the housing heist. The investigation into the whole bizarre thing is ongoing. Anyone with more information is encouraged to contact the MSP Houghton Lake Post at 989.422.5101.

There's no doubt this had to be a well planned out theft. It's not like the suspects were just driving around and decided, "Hey, let's take the cabin over there". Hopefully the story will unfold and we can get some answers as to why, but more importantly...HOW? How do you just quietly walk away with a whole cabin? Enquiring minds want to know.

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