The coronavirus pandemic is not only affecting millions and millions of people, it's affecting millions of jobs as well.

Tens of thousands of state employees will take rolling furloughs through July to help address a budget deficit caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Lansing State Journal, more than 31,000 state workers will be laid off two days per pay period between May 17 and July 25.

The cuts will save $80 million, according to a release from Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Most of my friends that have worked for the state years ago have since retired. My heart goes out to all state workers and for that matter anyone dealing with furloughs or unemployment.

The state is participating in a federal work share program that allows employers to keep employees working with reduced hours and allow those employees to collect partial unemployment benefits to cover their lost wages.

State workers will keep their benefits and health insurance during their furloughs and automatically will be enrolled into the unemployment system.

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