If there's one thing I miss going to these days it's concerts. Just to get outside and enjoy the atmosphere, listening to great music, and just having a good time with friends makes it so much fun.

We all know that concerts have been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. There's no social distancing at concerts, that's for sure.

According to the Lansing State Journal, most recently,"the St. Johns Concert in the Park series was scheduled to go on as planned. That was until the limit for guests for the public event decreased to 100 people instead of 250 for the State of Michigan, due to new COVID-19 guidelines."

One thing I can tell you about the St. Johns Concert in the Park series, it's very popular. People having been coming to this event from all over the Lansing area for quite some time now.

Bill Tennant, who is the Concert in the Park Committee Chair, said "this is our 17th year and it would be very hard for us to limit it to 100 people. We would have a lot more showing up and it would be hard to turn them away." (LSJ)

Tennant also said that this is only temporary if the curve starts to flatten. But for now the event is closed down.

The most important thing here is to abide by the state guidelines. Safety for everyone involved is all that matters. And yes, the performers understand this as well and look forward to performing again when they get the green light.

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