No matter how much we want Spring to be all daffodils and tulips, this is Michigan after all and Spring snowstorms do happen.  A few of those storms left measurable snow on the ground.  As far as temperatures go, the record high temp. in Michigan on March 10th is 70 degrees and that was back in 1925.  The lowest temp. recorded on this day was back in 1877 and it was 4 degrees.

  The National Weather Service says that back on March 9 in 1923, a weather pattern took temperatures from 62 degrees to 34 and then heavy, wet snow began falling.  When all said and done The Detroit area had about 6 inches of snow on the ground.

Other Spring storms in Michigan have happened with some areas getting hit and others not.  Back in 2018 5 inches of snow hit the White Lake Township area, a suburb of Detroit.  That Spring storm made for very slippery roads in the Flint area,  in fact that 2018 storm saw parts of I-475 shut down due to so many accidents.

I went and checked with the Farmers Almanac for this year and the publication is calling for a soggy Spring in Michigan.

  The Farmers Almanac predicts weather for Michigan and the Nation.

It is only March 10th, even though we have temps. in the 60's for most of this week, Michigan's weather mood swings keep us all on our toes.  Our state is known for its crazy weather.  I remember some years back, my daughters wearing shorts while playing outside and there is piles of snow on the front lawn.

Remember it is March and yes, Spring does start on March 20th, but this is Michigan and we really never what to expect.  The best advice is to be prepared for anything.

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