Sparrow Hospital has been under a lot of pressure over the last few weeks, but the community has helped them by donating more than a quarter million medical items. If you would also like to donate to the cause just know that they had to move their collection site to the Sparrow Medical Arts Building, West Entrance (1322 E. Michigan Ave. in Lansing). The hours of operation for donations has also changed as it is from 10am - 2pm Monday-Friday starting on April 20th. The current site of Eastern High School will still be open on Thursday and Friday but next week you need to use the other site to donate medical items.

Sparrow has collected a ton of items from the Mid-Michigan community as they had over 254,000 items donated. Some of the items that were donated were over 171,000 non-latex gloves, 50,000 regular masks, and almost 14,000 N95 masks. You can still donate these items the rest of this week and next week as well.

There are also other donation sites like: Sparrow Eaton Hospital  (donation site: AL!VE, 800 W. Lawrence Ave., Charlotte), Sparrow Clinton (east side of the hospital), Sparrow Ionia (Orthopedic/Rehabilitation location, 537. W. Main St., Ionia), and Sparrow Carson (southeast side of the building by the loading dock). All of these places are taking donations Monday-Friday, times vary at each place but you can see more the schedule here from WLNS. 

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