Isn't it true that everyone should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every single day?  At least that's what all of the health experts say.

I can tell you that I drink more diet sodas than I do water.  My kids are always telling me to cut back on diet pop and drink more water because it's much better for you.  And you know something, they're absolutely right.

I recently switched to bottled water and our refrigerator at home is now fully stocked with sparkling water.

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And now that summer is officially here, bottled water is going to taste a lot better than diet sodas.  Personally speaking, I don't mind the taste of regular tap water at home, but I do like the taste of carbonated sparkling water just a little bit better.

There are many choices of bottled water at the grocery store and it's good to pay attention to the less carbonated beverages unless that's what you prefer.

According to the Detroit Free Press:

It goes by names such as sparkling water, fizzy water, seltzer or water with gas.  While the most popular carbonated water is probably club soda (which also includes minerals), a new crop of beverages is hitting grocery store shelves.  Many of these alternatives include a few extras like natural flavors, but little else.

The best part about drinking bottled water is the fact that they are lower in calories compared to diet or sugar flavored sodas.

And nothing tastes better on a hot summer's day than an ice cold bottled water.  It certainly quenches your thirst and helps you stay hydrated.

Come July, I plan on finishing our deck in the backyard and believe me, it can get really hot in the backyard.  Not only will we have extra sparkling bottled water on hand in the refrigerator, my wife and I are going to fill coolers with ice and load up on bottled water as we start building our deck.  Drink up!

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