There is one Mom who is pulling out all the stops to have her son play on his High School soccer team at one St. Louis Missouri School.

The angry Mom is taking her case to Federal Court.

School rules state if you are a junior at school and don't make the boy's varsity team that you can not play on the JV team.

The school is saying that this is so that freshmen and sophomores get a chance to develop skills and play on a team.

FOUL, says the Mom, and she says it's not fair so she is suing over age and gender discrimination, based on the fact that the rules for the girl's team are totally different.

The High School's Athletic Director says that they always focus on the positive, encourage kids to keep working to be part of getting better through out their High School career.

Earlier this week a U.S. District Judge denied a request for a temporary restraining order that would have allowed the boy to play soccer on the JV team.

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