It always seems to be Florida where we find the most adults acting badly, but it can happen anywhere. Well here we go again.

A Florida man should have really kept his cool, but nope instead he is 'chilling' in jail facing felony battery charges. This entire incident happened at a 7-Eleven where the customer was not pleased with the price of his Slurpee, so of course the rational thing to do was to knock the Slurpee onto a 7-eleven employee.

According to the police report, a man allegedly got into an argument with an employee about the price of the icy drink.

Thanks to surveillance video footage, the man was recorded "back handing the cup full of Slurpee" out of the employees hand, which ended with the employee covered with Slurpee goodness.

So after that happened, the guy leaves the store, but in an incredible move of brilliance, he came by back to the 7-Eleven the next day. Yes, the same clerk was working and yes the Slurpee thrower was pointed out to authorities. He is now behind bars facing a charge of felony battery, and he has been ordered to stay away from the 7-Eleven.

The man did admit to police that he was upset about the price of the drink and felt he was being charged to much, but he must have a small case of amnesia because he doesn't remember dousing the employee.

Enjoy your time in jail, and FYI, they don't sell Slurpees there.

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