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I have been a fan of Pink's for a long time and now I like her even more.  Then singer is donating homemade soups to those who are in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pink recently opened up about how her family was affected by the virus, the Grammy winner said both she and her 3 year old son had contracted the illness.   Both are fine now.

With so many being hit by the coronavirus both health wise and financially she said that it is "my pleasure to cook for you'.  The singer has urged other to do the same.  Pink said " get  a group of friends together and cook for others who need it.  Find your local church, your local shelter, reach out to them.  Feed some folks".

Having the coronavirus was the scariest thing I have ever been through, she said, "there is nothing you can do but just ride it out."

Pink and her husband also donated one million dollars earlier this month to coronavirus relief

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