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Q: We were wondering if the Bread song IF is the shortest song title to be a hit.

A: IF by the group Bread was released in 1971 and was the shortest song title to make the Top Ten until 1993, when Janet Jackson also made the Top Ten with a different song with the title IF – both songs peaked at #4. However, since then there have been two other Top Ten singles that have even shorter titles: “7” by Prince & The New Power Generation (#7, 1993) and Britney Spears' “3” (#1, 2009). FYI: 1) Bread's IF was written by member David Gates one night as he sat at his dining room table after his wife and kids were all in bed; he says it's the best song he's ever written or will ever write. 2) “Kojak” actor Telly Savalas recorded a version that has the distinction of being the shortest song title to reach #1 in England. 3) There was another whole different song called IF by The Paragons that peaked only at #82 back in 1961.