Most people pay attention to gas prices and the fact that gas prices have been going up.

Since we recently celebrated Memorial Day weekend, gas prices were up as millions of travelers filled up their gas tanks.

We've been through this before where gas prices are low and we fill up our tanks using less money and then when the prices start going back up again, it becomes very costly to fill up cars, boats, motorcycles, and even recreational vehicles.

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According to the Detroit Free Press:

Say goodbye to those two-buck bargains.  We're now looking at gas prices that are fairly close to what they were three years ago in June.  So much for last summer's deals where gas in metro Detroit was about $1.07 a gallon lower on average on June 14, 2020, according to

Another way to look at this, is the fact that many people weren't driving that much over the last year and a half due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So now that we have more drivers on our Michigan roads again, why not pay extra money to fill up our tanks so we can take our families on vacation to some of the best spots here in Michigan.

We've seen gas prices close to $3.00 a gallon and some gas stations in metro Detroit have gas listed at over $3.00 a gallon.

Perhaps this is an incentive as to why more and more people are purchasing electric vehicles.  At least that way, you won't always be checking gas prices daily or every other day for that matter.  Just charge your car and away you go!

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