Yes there are several Lansing-Area school districts which top the list for "Most Diverse School Districts" in the state. Now diversity is always a good thing especially for kids and students as they learn about other cultures and languages. Plus diverse school districts often have a lot of different clubs and activities that some other school districts don't have.

These rankings come from the website, which every year does rankings for schools districts on numerous things. They ranked the Most Diverse School Districts on ethnic diversity statistics from the U.S. Department of Education as well as student and parent reviews of ethnic, economic, and cultural diversity for their district.

So after all of that, there are two school districts right in the Lansing-Area that top the list. First, they come in at #2 in Michigan and that is Waverly Community Schools. They have an A+ ranking in diversity and have other great features about them that rank them high on other lists. Next, Lansing Public Schools is ranked #4, and even though they have a lower ranking on other lists, they have been at the top of this list for a few years running. Finally, Jackson Public Schools just missed out on the top 10 as they come in at #11, but they have been moving up the list over the years as they were outside of the top 20 last year.

You can see the full rankings and other school district rankings here.

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