As someone who works in a more creative field, I always love to see groups and organizations doing what Foreign House is doing. Bringing people from all different backgrounds and promoting diversity along with creativity is definitely something this world could do a lot more of and it's starting right here in Lansing.

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What is Foreign House?

According to their website, "Foreign House is a community of artists coming together with a mission to promote diversity and inclusion within the industry."

That industry falls into "the arts" as a whole but taking a look at the diverse team of members listed on their website, those talents range from musicians, dancers, comedians, makeup artists and more.

"With the lack of diversity and many of the conflicts in our society,  many people lose confidence in themselves and lose the motivation needed to pursue their goals," the Foreign House website states. "Through our platform, we give our members a voice to tell their story."

They now feature and give that voice to creators from all over the world as the group's GoFundMe page states they have over 20 members ranging from the United States to the Philipines, United Kingdom, India and more around the world.

"Simply put, we are the full package," Foreign House said.

Founder, Siham Hassan

In a recent interview with FOX 47 News, Hassan said she had always been interested in film but as she grew up to try to make her way in the industry, she said she didn't really find the "right" opportunities for her.

So she set out to create her own and on March 8th of 2021, Foreign House was born.

"Foreign House really is here to promote positivity," Hassan explained to FOX 47. "We’re here to make the environment more inclusive especially within the social media space."

We all know by now that careers have been built and blasted into the spotlight through social media like Instagram and TikTok which is exactly why having spaces like Foreign House not only gives members a platform to jump off from but a diverse community of support and collaboration.

Future Plans for Foreign House

FOX 47 reports that the team is looking to purchase a physical space for creating, collaborating and being able to all be together in person as member, Katarina Keeley (who designed the Foreign House website) says they have been primarily doing everything over Zoom meetings.

Where would be the perfect place that would have enough space for all this creativity?

Well, according to FOX 47, Foreign House has their sights set on the former Stock and Field building on Edgewood Boulevard.

Image Courtesy of Google Satellite
Image Courtesy of Google Satellite

Hassan told FOX 47, they would want to renovate the space, making it their own, and maybe even putting up a stage. A perfect place to host their musical creators and more.

"This building is meant for us and we really want to make that positive impact with this building," Hassan said. 

According to their GoFundMe campaign Foreign House has set up to help with the costs of getting some physical real estate, they are also planning to create a full-on film studio as well.

"Oftentimes, people assume that you have to move out to larger cities like LA to make it big, but we believe that sometimes you just need to look through a different lens," the GoFundMe page reads. "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. It’s not where you are that makes you great, but your passions and your ability to utilize the resources around you to make the best of it."

We absolutely can not wait to see what Foreign House does not only in the social media space but in a physical one right here in Lansing.

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