Somebody stole $70,000 worth of bull semen from a farm in Minnesota. That's almost four pints of the stuff.

The stuff was stored in vials - so the heist was easy to pull-off.

It's much easier for farmers to inseminate their cows with .25 ml straws, rather than depend on some bull who may not feel the need to breed; therefore, there's a large market for bully juice.

Also stolen were some embryos; the barn was unlocked. Now...with this stuff evidently being a big moneymaker, don't you think this rube should've kept it all under lock & key?

And all the semen and embryos were stolen on Easter Sunday...that's one helluva Easter egg hunt.

A distraught bull was overheard to say to the farmer, "hey, I put all I had into those vials. I'm done, pal!"

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