We have all been looking forward to coronavirus going away and this corn maze in mid-Michigan is saying this in a big way. The "COVID Go Away" corn maze is located in Saginaw County on Johnson’s Giant Pumpkin Farm.

According to MLive, the owners of the Johnson's Giant Pumpkin Farm have been looking for something new to do this year. They said they picked 'COVID GO AWAY' because they were kicking ideas around,

"And then, just out of the blue, we decided, you know, everybody’s tired of COVID, let’s just do something on the light side and have fun with it because that’s what people come out to the farm for is to have fun.”

The corn maze won't be open until Spetember 12th, you can find the farm at 4715 N. Portsmouth Road in rural Saginaw County. The Johnson's Giant Pumpkin Farm usually allows people to walk around the maze and see the animals but due to COVID restrictions they changed a lot so find out more about them here.

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