A reward is being offered for the person responsible for throwing a kitten out of a moving car at a busy intersection in Grand Ledge.

This story has infuriated animal lovers in Mid Michigan. According to WILX,

Patricia Lance says she heard from a co-worker on Monday that a kitten was thrown out of the car at the corner of M-100 and Saginaw in Grand Ledge.

Let me repeat that. Someone tossed a kitten out of a car window like a piece of trash.  This occurred at a busy intersection in Grand Ledge and apparently it is not the first time.  There have been reports of someone tossing kittens out of a car window at other busy intersections, sometimes causing the animal's death.

WILX reports that Patricia Lance spent time all last week searching for the kitten(s).

“On Friday I was notified that the kitten had died in the road,” said Lance. “It makes me want to cry. It’s ridiculous. It was a beautiful kitten, there are animal rescues, there are all kinds of options. You don’t need to throw an animal out of the window. That kitten didn’t stand a chance.”

There is a reward that is up to $1300 dollars and growing, to find those responsible for this act of animal cruelty.  According to Lance, there have been 3 more reports of cat deaths along Saginaw and 3 more kittens were reported thrown out of a moving car in Portland.

Reports say the person driving the car, who threw the kittens out of the window, was driving a dark car with four doors.

The Grand Ledge Police Department has been contacted  and ask that you call them with any information.

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