Abandoned? Well, it was.....

The building we know as the Michigan School for the Blind opened in 1858 as the Michigan Female College. 22 years later - 1880 - the school was changed to become the Michigan School for the Blind, with 35 initial students being shipped in from Flint's School for the Blind.

Re-designed in 1915, the school's reputation soon spread and the number of students kept growing; by the 1950's, the student body was up to 300.

According to mlive.com, Stevie Wonder became a student in 1964, one year after his first album was released. He was 14 years old at the time and it was here that he studied and learned how to play piano & keyboards.

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After a decline in the student body - that began in the 1970's - the school closed down in 1995. Read about the renovation project by CLICKING HERE.

The pictures seen here are from 2017, with shots of inside and outside the historic building. So keep in mind, this is BEFORE renovation began...

Take a drive-by sometime soon...located at W. Maple and N. Pine Streets in Lansing.

Inside (& Outside) of the W.K. Kellogg Mansion

Aretha Franklin's Childhood Michigan Home

Where Eminem Lived in Michigan

Inside Motown's Legendary Recording Studio

Pictures taken inside were once taboo; but now you can take a look!

Abandoned Calumet Radar Base

Inside the Ephraim Shay House

Abandoned Deer Acres Fun Park

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