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So Cedar Point is kicking off their 'HalloWeekends" with a 'Zombie wedding,' this Friday (which is Friday the 13th.)  From that point on things get weird and scary.

Halloween at Cedar Point is always so much fun, during the day it is family fun, but when nightfall hits, watch out for zombies, monsters, and killer pumpkin heads.  Nobody does Halloween better than Cedar Point.

HalloWeekends return this weekend with the most Halloween fun in one place.  They have six, yes six outdoor fright zones, six indoor mazes, and again they do offer family fun during the day.

Cedar Point is now offering up a new twist on a HalloWeekends outdoor attractions that brings horrifying pumpkin head creatures, animals, farmers and living corn stalks to a dark and foggy cornfield at the new CornStalkers 2.0 Revenge of the Pumpkin Heads.

You want to get scared this Halloween?  Then I will see you at Cedar Point for their HalloWeekends.

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