To show your kids pictures of Santa Claus' Michigan home, go straight to the photo gallery below. Otherwise, read on and see how this place can train YOU to be a Santa Claus...

Some of us, but not many, have been to see the Santa Claus house in Midland. It teaches all Santa Claus wannabe’s everything Santa knows…like all about reindeer, how he makes toys, how he flies, etc.

If YOU wanna be a Santa Claus this year, it MAY be too late, but you can still find out how YOU can take a quickie course and be Santa NEXT year...just CLICK HERE for more information at

It’s never the wrong time of year to visit this place…you’ll dig it.Or, if you’re just curious to see it, go to the corner of Isabella and Main streets in downtown Midland.

NOW CLICK THE PHOTO GALLERY BELOW and see different shots of Santa's house. Make sure you show the kids! Hopefully, it'll add a little extra magic to their holiday this year.