How many TV episodes have you seen of guys out in the wilderness looking for Bigfoot? Do they ever find anything? No. Do they ever get anything captured on video? Sure, but the images are always far away and blurry. Really? With all the technology we now have at our fingertips? Why aren't there any decent photos of a Sasquatch? Could it be because they don't exist?

That's a point you can't argue, because there are thousands of people who swear they have seen one...and totally believe.

One exceptional sighting was caught on camera in Menominee...and yes, the image was far away, but Bigfoot “experts” saw the footage and claim it's real. It was reported by Craig Sulk, of Menominee, who captured a large, approximately 7-foot-tall creature on one of his forest cameras (the photo is shown in the gallery below).

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Whether you believe or not, you may wanna go hunt for one anyway. So here are The Top 5 Places in Michigan to Hunt For Sasquatch, according to The Bigfoot Mapping Project:

1) Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Schoolcraft County
Seney reportedly has the most Bigfoot sightings in the entire state of Michigan. One example: a  woman who was driving in the area pulled to the side of the road to catch a nap. She was startled awake, only to see a large hairy creature outside the window, looking in and staring at the woman and her baby...and no, it wasn't Steven Seagal.

2)  Delta County Forest Preserve
It's home to the second highest accounts of Bigfoot sightings. Example: a 17 year old girl was driving through Delta County when she noticed a creature that “was like an ape man..... (kind of) like a prehistoric man with an ape face” and eyes that glowed “blood red.”

#3 Alpena State Forest
Example: A father and son were out in the woods, when something ran by: “It was dark brown, about 7' tall, and running silently through the ferns, branches, and sparse deadfall. It was not a bear."

#4 Little Presque Isle
A woman who was horseback riding claims a creature “came within about 30 yards from us, stopped and turned to go sideways”. She went on to say it had white hair and looked like a horse-like animal running on its back legs...”like an upright animal running."

#5 The Saginaw Forest Trailhead
A boy and his mom were out walking when they spotted a creature that was “not a bear and closely resembled an ape like human form, covered with dark brown hair.”

I have a question: has someone ever thought of sending a drone out over these supposedly Sasquatch-infested forests? If there's something out there, a drone could catch it, right?

Only time will tell.
Meantime, we're stuck with guys wearing fuzzy costumes trying to fool us.

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