After all the hype about "Cicada-pocalypse" over the last several months, I honestly thought Michigan would be knee-deep in them by now. Alas, here we are, mid-May, with no cicada in sight. Will Michigan see and hear the irritating 100-decibel mating song of the Cinderella of insects? The answer is eventually. So, what's the hold-up?

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Well, cicadas are picky little bugs. Whether it's the 13-year slumber of Brood XIX or the 17-year nap of Brood XIII, Michigan will see them crawl from the dirt once conditions are perfect. Think of cicadas as Baby Bear from the Three Bears Story; everything has to be just right.

When Michigan Cicadas Emerge in 2024

Hello, Cicadas? It's Us, Michigan - Thought You Were Stopping By?

Since 2024 marks the rare emergence of two cicada Broods, XIX and XIII, portions of the United States will be infested with BILLIONS of flying bugs whose sole purpose during their brief lives is to reproduce so their offspring can dig a hole and take a decade-plus nap before starting the entire cycle over again.

With temperatures rising beyond 70 degrees during the day in many parts of Michigan, our peaceful, quiet days are about to get a lot louder and crunchier.

For Cicadas, It's All About the Right Temperature

Hello, Cicadas? It's Us, Michigan - Thought You Were Stopping By?

It will be time for these sleepy little insects to crawl out of the dirt when the weather is warm enough. Once the ground where the cicadas are napping reaches 65 degrees, brace yourselves 'cause it's gonna be a loud coming out party for billions of bugs.

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However, not all of Michigan will experience the hatch, nor will it see the emergence of two broods. Brood XIII will hatch in southern lower counties of Michigan, according to the United States Forest Service, which forecasts Berrien, Cass, Saint Joseph, Branch, Hillsdale, and southern Jackson Counties will deal with the buzzing, crawling, molting, and flying hoards.

Cicadas Will Pee on You

Photos of a Cicada Breaking Free from Its Shell

The Brood X cicadas are emerging after seventeen years and they're shedding their larva shells all over the tristate. Here's what it looks like as they do it!

Gallery Credit: Chadwick J Benefield

What's Up With These Cicada Killer Wasps?

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