Ever been to Douglas, Michigan in Allegan County? If so, did you see/visit the old Root Beer Barrel?

It's a 1950's root beer and hot dog stand shaped like a 17-foot-tall wooden barrel, constructed in 1952 to grab tourists and vacationers as they roadtripped through our state. It was very simple, but effective...stop in for a cool, frosty mug of root beer accompanied by a juicy hot dog, ice cream or float. Perfect road fare! A miniature golf course and driving range were added to further draw in customers but are long gone.

The barrel could only fit about two people inside comfortably to make the orders, and a carhop was outside to take orders.

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This awesome little stand serviced the area for a couple of decades, closing down in the 1970's, thanks to the influx of fast-food and burger joints. It still sits on the corner of Center and Ferry streets in Douglas.

But it's not deteriorating...over the past decade, the Historical Society and a "Friends of the Barrel" committee renovated, restored, and refurbished the Barrel. It's newly re-opened so now you can enjoy it once again! Read more about it HERE.

Take a drive over, grab a dog and a root beer, and support this terrific piece of 1950's Americana!

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