A 66 year old employee of the City of New York Health Department was reportedly suspended for answering the agency's help desk using a robot voice.

Computer specialist Ronald Dillon was asked by his manager to read from a script when dealing with callers, because of Dillon's accent.

The employee, who admitted to not being a people person, reportedly chose to voice his dissatisfaction by delivering his scripted help via a robot voice.

For example:  You-have-reached-the-help-desk.  This-is-Mr.-Dil-lon.  How-may-I-Help-you?  This went on for a few months.

So convincing was Dillon, that one irate caller demanded to be connected to a human being after being disconnected by the computer.

Dillon reportedly ignored his manager's warning to knock it off, and as a reult, was suspended without pay for 20 days; a punishment that would cost the 38 year city employee around five grand.

He appealed the punishment and lost.