Goin’ to der YOO PEE dis sommer? Den check out Da Yoopers Tourist Trap.

Located in Ishpeming, it’s all things Yooper, from beer swillin’, obnoxious belching, stinky fish, road kill, old cars on cinder blocks…you name it, it’s probably here in all it’s Yooper glory.

See the Yooper Artifacts Museum and see the coat made of cow hair.

Need a souvenir? Check out the Yooper complete line of fart gifts. Lovely.

Also witness Yooper technology with the World’s Largest Working Rifle, the 23-foot Largest Working Chainsaw and automobiles made from old discarded snowmobile & lawnmower parts.

It’s all in good fun, if you can handle being engulfed in mega-lowbrow surroundings.

While on your Michigan roadtrip, seek out Da Yoopers Tourist Trap in Ishpeming, at 490 N. Steel Street off US Hwy 41, on the south side of the highway.

If you’re gonna spend money this summer, spend it in Michigan!