Latest Toy Craze Fidget Spinners, Wildly Popular With Kids
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It would seem that the impeachment trial is a bit on the boring side even for Senators who are at the hearing.

It would not look good to have the Senate Republicans dozing off during the long trial, so Republican North Carolina Senator Richard Burr was handing out fidget spinners to help keep people alert and awake.

Fidget spinners, some say, will help keep you awake and more focused.   One Senator was seen drawing a picture of the Capitol and another reading a book.   Fidget spinners would apparently be a little less obvious, but yes, Senators are playing with kids toys.

The impeachment trial has so far been made up of marathon floor speeches, which would have me falling asleep in my chair. Note to the networks, if you have the Senators falling asleep or doing anything they can not to fall asleep

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