The virus appears to be winning.  We are now 6 months into the "shape-shifting" pancemix  that has killed more than 454 thousand people worldwide.

There are fast moving vaccine projects underway in China, Europe and the United States, but only the most optimistic believe there will be a shot ready for global distribution this year.

Most Infectious Disease Doctors and researchers believe that a vaccine will not be ready until we are well in to the year 2021.  They say the next phase of the pandemic will really make us reset expectations and awareness and change our behavior.

One Infectious - disease Doctor and associate professor of medicine at Duke University said "we are going to have to figure out a way to live with this".

APPLE stores are reclosing some in Florida and Arizona, as are many bars and restaurants.  Psychologists say the people would be crushed by the second way of the pandemic.

The World Health Organization warns that our world is entering a new and dangerous phase.  More and more states mandae you wear a mask.

The threat of the coronavirus seems to be different from neighborhood to neighborhood, and even country to country.  Residents need to keep wearing their masks, and practicing social distancing if we ever plan to beat this disease.

Some states are doing better than others, Michigan included, but more people need to take this seriously if we ever plan to get back to our 'normal'.

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