There are a lot of people who are do-it-yourself types who will try to fix just about anything even if they're not sure where to begin.

For example:  ME

My home water heater just broke down about a week ago and it's been nothing but a disaster ever since I took on this extremely difficult project.

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So instead of calling a plumber and spending thousands of dollars to get it fixed, I decided to google everything about water heaters.

Let me paint this whole picture for you:

1.  Half of my basement was soaked in water because my old water heater started leaking really bad.  There was water all over the place.

2.  I had to start using my wet-dry vac to vacuum up the standing water.  This went on for about three or four days because of the leaking water heater.

3.  I drive to a big box store to purchase a new water heater only to find it damaged when I brought it home.

4.  Took it back and replaced the damaged new one with another new water heater, which also had big dents in it.  (At this point, not happy at all)

5. Took that one back and went to a different big box store and purchased a third water heater which also had dents in it and decided to just keep it and try to install it myself.

By now I'm ready to pull my hair out of my head!!!!

I disconnected the old water heater by disconnecting the gas line and turning off the water and completely drained the tank.  My son Blake, helped me get the old water heater out of the basement to get rid of it.

We brought the new one downstairs and then I decided "I'm Done" with this project.

Currently, I have two fans running in the basement trying to dry out the water soaked indoor/outdoor carpeting.

I called a plumber and pleaded with him to come over and connect the new water heater in the house so I can use hot water again.

These days there are too many codes to follow when it comes to hooking up a water heater and the best person to do that is a professional plumber who knows exactly what to do without any of my help.

I rest my case!

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