Centuries ago, the body of water now known as Wampler's Lake  was a fishing and hunting haven for Native Americans, notably the Potawatomi tribe.

By 1830 the tribes disappeared after the white man came, settled, and began developing the land. A portion of these settlers were wealthy and controlled the land around the lake, refusing to make it accessible to any other developers.  One of the families living in the area were the Hayes'. The Hayes' donated a good portion of their land to expand the already-existing Cedar Hill State Park, under the condition that the entire area would be named the Walter J. Hayes State Park, after Senator Hayes.

Over the decades it was a popular family beach. The Wampler's Lake Pavilion featured big band music in the 1940s and eventually became one of Michigan's premier Rock 'n Roll venues in the 1960s & 70s.

The pictures below show scenes going back to the 1910s and some old Rock 'n Roll handbills from the pavilion.

Check out a little more detail on the pavilion's rock years HERE.


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