"Hey, you're the guys from Metallica!" 'No, we're the Red Hot Chili Peppers!' "You can't fool us; you're definitely Metallica! Sign this?" The conversation between the Red Hot Chili Peppers and customs agents in a Belarus airport must have gone something like that as the band were mistaken for thrash titans Metallica and forced to sign memorabilia.

Bassist Flea detailed the peculiar event on his Instagram page (post below), revealing they tried to explain the mix-up, but the officials insisted the band members were indeed from Metallica. "We were called into a custom officials' office at an airport in Belarus and they asked us to sign a bunch of Metallica CDs and photos. We tried to explain to them that we weren't Metallica, but they insisted that we sign anyway. They had the power," Flea described.

Considering none of the Chilis have the wavy, jet black long hair of Robert Trujillo, it should have been easy to deduce that these guys were not Metallica, among numerous other features. The customs officials were not entirely wrong in their assessment, however, as Flea did share the stage once with the thrash legends, stating, "Well I did play 'Fight Fire With Fire' with Metallica once. I love Metallica anyways, but I'm no Robert Trujillo."

The Belarus customs officials are not the only ones to mistake members of Metallica this year. Television host and narrator Mike Rowe, after consuming a few mimosas, confused James Hetfield for Lars Ulrich after a happenstance run-in. He issued a lengthy apology riddled with small, humorous anecdotes as he explained the mix-up.

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