Some of us love snow, some of us not so much. Kids love snow and I really dug it as a kid growing up in Chicago's south suburbs. Why? because that white stuff made me lots of green stuff.

I would walk the neighborhood and knock on doors and make extra cash keeping the neighborhood sidewalks safe from snow and ice.

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It is important to keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice so it's safe for your neighbors, visitors, and yourself. I have taken a few tumbles on the ice and it hurts when you slip and fall.  Also remember it is your responsibility as a property owner to follow the "Snow Ordinance" and remove snow from sidewalks after a snow event.

This Must Be Done in 24 Hours

Snow and ice must be removed within 24 hours when the snowfall has ended according to  Written notices and warnings can happen from the city if snow is not cleared within the required time. Fines could cost homeowners $149 or more.

Also know that snow and ice can not be pushed on the street or shoulder as well as parking lots and shoulders.

Another Great Idea To Say Safe This Winter

Good idea to put salt, sand, or saw-dust on your driveway and sidewalk to keep everyone safe.

Feel free to make a snowman with a big smile on the front lawn, that's my tip:)

Questions? feel free to call the Public Service Department at 517-483-4455.

There ya have it, just in case Michigan gets hit with a lot of snow this winter.

Some folks are predicting a tough Michigan winter, check this out.

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