How many times have you driven over ripped-up railroad tracks and looked down that long stretch of dirt or grass…..wondering whatever happened to our railroads?

Most of the railways that have been removed have been turned into bike paths or walking trails…which are nice, but what caused so many Michigan railroads to be discontinued in the first place? The rails were such a HUGE part of Michigan’s formation and industry.

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The main reason (for many of the upper Michigan tracks being ripped out or deserted) is due to a lack of transporting lumber, say historians.

The photo gallery below shows a whole bunch of abandoned tracks & former railroads all throughout Michigan; some pictures are from the U.P., some from the lower peninsula and many from right around the Mid-Michigan area...can you identify the locations of some of these? I think you may be able to. There are many pictures to gaze upon as you see deserted tracks right here in town as well as ripped-out tracks that have been turned into walking / biking trails. I hope you enjoy 'em!

These old railroads are such an important part of Michigan history...I hope you take the time out to see the pictures below....



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