According to WILX-TV, a woman who graduated from Grand Ledge High in 2019 is bringing something unique to Michigan: rail biking. Although rail biking has been around for a while (see photos below), this is the first time it will be available in Michigan.

Macie Hefron calls her new venture “Wheels on Rails” that will kick off in Traverse City on Memorial Day weekend.

What is rail biking?

Using abandoned railroad tracks, special 'bikes' are built to ride the rails...which means you'll be able to travel only where the trains went. Few – if any – hikers, no cars, no snowmobiles, no nothin' except the trains...which means you will see some Michigan sights that have probably not been photographed or seen up close by anyone except those who took the train and gawked out the window.

Via WILX, Macie said “These bikes essentially just glide down the track, so there is little to no effort to it.” 

Wanna make a reservation for the Traverse City Memorial Day Weekend kickoff? You can do so on the official website here.

The gallery below shows some rail bikers in other parts of our country.....and once Michiganders start rail biking and recording their trips, we'll definitely get some of those images as well!

“Anyone and everyone can do it - from elderly to toddlers to people with disabilities.....a lot of activities don’t allow that for people.....People will be able to come be outside with their families and enjoy nature” --- Macie Hefron

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