Can you believe it?  Two years in a row, I went home empty handed from my bowling banquet. My wife and I just finished our bowling season at Spare Time Bowling.  When the season ends, you always celebrate by participating in a bowling banquet.

It took place recently at Highland Hills Golf Course on Alward rd.  Dinner was great.... steak, baked potato, rolls, salad and for dessert...cheese cake.  Then everyone buys raffle tickets to win big and small prizes at the bowling banquet.  They also give away money during the raffle drawing.  Here's the best part, my wife Lori took home almost $200.00 in cash and I took home nothing but a stress ball from Spare Time.

Lori won $87 in point money from bowling.  During the raffle drawing, her ticket number was announced and she won 82 dollars.  On top of that, Lori received an award (cash) for female with highest bowling average.  She won money for high-scratch series and also won cash for team event night during the bowling season.

I'm very happy that Lori took home all of that prize money.  For some reason there must be a black cloud over my head that needs to go away.