We recently talked about how Berrien Springs, Michigan is the "Christmas Pickle Capital of the World," but what about those of us who want to make it obvious we are "Pure Michigan" purists on our Christmas trees?

Here are some of our favorite choices when it comes to ornaments you can put on your tree to show our state some love!

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    What says "Michigan" more than s'mores!? These cute creations have tons of little marshmallows doing all sorts of activities perched on top of some chocolate and graham crackers! Celebrate all those summer campsite bonfires all year 'round with this one. As one of my personal favorite styles of ornament, this one would be a perfect treat for anyone!

  • 2

    Retro-Style State Map

    Why not show off all the great things about Michigan all in one ornament? Complete with Grand Rapids, Detroit and most importantly, Lansing, this is not your typical "mitten state" ornament, it's one everyone will be stopping to stare at.

  • 3

    Blown-Glass Michigan Map

    If any of you are anything like my mom, Jenn, you are a sucker for blown glass, and what could be more beautiful than a Michigan one? Much like the map one, it features things our state is known for but artfully features the Mackinac Bridge connecting our two perfect peninsulas and Lansing shining front and center...as it should be!

  • 4

    "Welcome To Michigan"

    This one is a great gift for someone who is spending their first Christmas in Michigan or just someone who is all about the Great Lakes State. The blown-glass adds a classy touch while still showing your state pride!

  • 5

    A Custom Creation

    Customize this magnificent mitten for anyone on your list (though probably not if they're in the U.P., sorry)! Not only can you choose everything down to the font, but you can even place a little symbol to mark where ever in Michigan has your heart.

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