With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday, May 8, it's always good to know what flowers actually mean and what they represent as we get closer to that special day.

My wife and I went grocery shopping over the weekend at Kroger in Okemos, and we noticed all the beautiful flowers in Kroger's floral department.

When we were looking at several types of flowers, I said to my wife that most all flowers have a special meaning when you give them to that special person.

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For example:

Roses. We all love beautiful roses, especially for Mother's Day. However, you don't want to give your mom red roses, because red roses represent romance.

The best rose colors to give to your mom on Mother's Day are either pink, white, or cream.

According to krqe.com:

Pink represents appreciation, love and gratitude, white represents purity and cream-colored roses represent thoughtfulness.

There are so many wonderful beautiful flowers that you can have wrapped up for your special mother figure this Sunday.

Have you thought about carnations? Carnations are beautiful and moms love them. There are so many different colors of carnations to choose from. For mom, it's all about pink carnations, because they're all about a mother's love.

Orchids are another great choice for mom on Mother's Day. Michigan moms love them because they make great houseplants.

krqe.com adds:

Orchids come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. They are considered the most “highly evolved” of flowering plants and they are an easy houseplant to care for. Pink orchids represent elegance, poise and femininity.

It certainly is nice knowing that all flowers have a special meaning behind them. So when you give your mom flowers on Mother's Day, be sure to explain what each flower represents and why you chose them for your mom. Happy Mother's Day!

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