Ever hear of the lost city of Pompeii?

Pompeii, MICHIGAN, that is?

Many people haven't, some in our area have. Even though there are a handful of residents in this tucked-away Michigan community out in the desolate countryside, it's considered by many to be a 'ghost town,' as it's a shell of it's former self.

The community of Pompeii is in the middle of nowheresville, approximately 3 miles west of US-127, seven miles north of Uncle John's Cider Mill.

The town lies in Gratiot County and was founded in 1854. Over the years it acquired a hotel, post office, train depot, bank, school, hospital and a steel & stone grain elevator, the remains of which still stand. Most of these businesses have vanished, but many of the old buildings are still around.

Pompeii became a popular stagecoach stop in the 1800's and prospered, also thanks to the almost thirty trains that went through town EACH day!

In the 1920's, the town began it's decline, thanks to the construction of a new state highway and less trains coming through. The depot closed, businesses shut down, the school closed and around 1960 the kids were sent to Ithaca schools.

Pompeii is not that far away and is a very cool place to stop for some photo ops...plenty of old stores, businesses and houses are there for you to snap.

Add Pompeii to your next Michigan roadtrip itinerary...and make sure you stop at the Pompeii Bar for some refreshment!


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