Yup; police have confiscated billions of dollars from motorists over the years...WITHOUT the motorists being charged with any type of misdemeanor, felony or infraction whatsoever.

A man was pulled over for not signalling when he changed lanes and was given a simple warning; however, the cop asked if he could search the vehicle. Perturbed, the man said 'no, I have to be on my way." Then the cop asked if a drug-sniffing dog could go thru the vehicle; again, the man said no - even though there were no drugs or anything illegal in the car.

However, the man had a wad of cash he was taking to a casino to gamble with; the officer confiscated the dough, claiming he believed it was connected to illegal activity.

What are your thoughts about this? Ever happen to you? If reports say "billions" of dollars over the years, I wonder if anyone in this area had this happen to them? I would think not, but ya never know.

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