Police in Shelby Township made an actual, official police report last week of a possible Bigfoot sighting, but NOW... they're downplaying their initial report.

Total crap if you ask me. It's on the official record as a "big foot sighting," and now suddenly, police don't want to look "crazy" and back pedal? Nah. I'm not buying it.

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So what started this was a call to police on June 18th about a suspicious incident caught on a Ring camera. The call was a "shadow" or "silhouette" captured on the recording, and police responded to investigate. They checked the area and found nothing.

In an official press release, the Shelby Township Police said:

"The suspicious incident was later reported as a Big Foot sighting per a scanner page on social media."

BOOM! ON RECORD! Police said it was Bigfoot!

"After thorough investigation, there was no Big Foot sighting in Shelby Township."

NO! Damn it. How can you say that? You saw evidence of a shadowy figure on camera, investigated the area and found nothing... that's Bigfoot's M.O. to the letter!

Michigan-based Sasquatch podcaster Josh Parsons said the police likely downplayed the event because they want to "keep Bigfoot reports quiet." Partly, they don't want to alarm people.

Bigfoot sightings aren't uncommon in Michigan. In fact researcher Gabe Heiss noted a 1965 case in the city of Monroe where police said a caveman statue was to blame for a series of sightings, but found evidence of an urban area Bigfoot, similar to what happened in the Shelby township last week.

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