I'll be honest...I can't stand green bean casserole, and I believe I am not alone.  I don't know if Campbells soup started this tradition, all I know is that I do not like mushroom soup and that is so closely tied to my childhood memories of green bean casseroles.  I swore when I grew up green bean casserole would never be on my Thanksgiving menu.  No, it's not on the menu, but "bring a dish to pass", is.  After many years of this dish appearing on the table with the other sides, we had to get more specific.  A Few years ago my friend asked us to bring a vegetable, we thought that was code for bring the green bean casserole, so reluctantly we brought the dreaded dish as did everyone else who was told to bring a vegetable. That year we had Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and 6 different versions of green bean casserole.  This has brought on another new tradition...the phone call several days ahead that asks:  what dish are you bringing?  So far this year, we have confirmed, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, pumpkin roll and well, after you have pumpkin roll, do you really need anything else?  BTW I am on my way to pinterest to find out how to make penquins out of black olives:  Join me!