I know you might have heard this one before but this is just a reminder in these times where toilet paper has been hoarded. Baby wipes, paper towels, or other wipes might be something you are using now while in the bathroom but plumbers are telling you stop doing that because it can cause a lot of damage.

According to WILX, they talked to a local plumber who asked for people to stop flushing wipes. Products like facial tissues or paper towels do not break down in water like toilet paper does, which can lead to nasty backups and you won't be the only person impacted. The damage can be done to the public city lift standards as well as on your own pipes and the city's too. Lift pump is a small hole and all the discharge has to go through that hole and flushing the wipes can block the pump and essentially break it.

If you are using baby wipes or other wipes you will have to throw them away. Even if the wipes say they can be flushed it's probably not a good idea to do that cause you could be paying for it later.

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